The "I Say Where The Fingers Go" pieces are a direct response to confronting the people involved in my own story of sexual assault and rape. After contacting one of the men involved, with an email expressing my anger and confusion, I asked for answers to questions and demanded an apology, I received the answer " Lindsay, I don’t feel comfortable commenting on things from 30 years ago, thanks". 
My anger had nowhere to go.
As I contemplated this anger, I began to examine my own thoughts about sexuality, sensuality and aging.

The #MeToo movement has revealed many stories of sexual abuse. At the same time social media continues to promote the obsession of women as sexual objects. 
As I scroll through social media, I observe an over-sexualized society, where young women have become obsessed with how they appear. Young, pretty and sexual seems to be the ideal. This series perhaps serves as a counter-balance to this trend and a place for my anger to go.
There is an unfinished and raw quality to these pieces, like myself unfinished and raw. These paintings can best be described by me saying simply "I wanted to write a letter about how I felt. Instead I painted one".
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