I am interested in the power, strength and complexity of women, as an artist, as a steadily aging human, as an observer who sees women overly sexualized and under valued. I am particularly interested in the aging woman. In mythology, religion, art and society, older women are represented as a hag, witch, The Crone, or today "invisible". I want to make women more visible, more honored, and the complexity of aging more open to discussion. 
These singular females in contemplative spaces remind us of female power and purpose. As I continue to play with the process of investigating these themes of female power, aging and beauty, I am also observing the direct relationship between my interaction with the subject and the  push-pull of the planes and shapes, the juxtaposed colors and lines, spaces which hover between two and three dimensions at times become abstracted due to my interpretation of the inner world I see. The women independently and collectively are unique, strong, contemplative and reflective of the world we live in.

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