"The Female Collective" series began after I moved into McGuffey Art Center as a resident artist. No longer was I surrounded by only myself and my thoughts but was held in the presence of a community of diverse and strong women. As I observed my community, I saw more examples of the beauty within women. The quiet presence seemed more important than the social personality. 
Perhaps I started to paint who I wanted to be and was ultimately to become.
This body of work observes the beauty in the still and strong power of women, what beauty means and how it can be expressed simply through shape and color and not needing figures to be undressed or sexualized. Many images of women in our culture present ideals that might be unattainable for most of us or that many find uninteresting, particularly as we age. I am hoping to provide a little respite from that world.
All pieces above are 6" x 6".
Gouache on mixed media paper, mounted on either 1" or 2" cradled wood board.
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